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MAX400 for your AS/400 
(IBM i/ iSeries) servers:  What is it?

MAX400 is the smallest, fastest software utility that tunes and maximizes interactive CPW performance of your AS/400 or iSeries server system.

What does it do?

On server-class systems, interactive workload is usually constrained to a value much less than what the machine is capable of managing.


MAX400 :

  • Automatically tunes interactive jobs on your system to minimize the interactive CPW resources required; 

  • Releases those constraints to allow you to get maximum performance from your system without the need for expensive/costly upgrades or additional software maintenance fees and,

  • Allows you to get the best from your system whenever you need it without having to install additional interactive CPW features to cater for peaks in your interactive CPW workload.

  • Allows you to optimize the resources that already exist on your AS400/iSeries.

What versions of the OS400 will MAX400 run with?

From V4R1 to V7R1. (to see models/servers , click here)

How does it work?

The utility makes various adjustments to certain temporary memory areas of jobs which prevent the system from penalizing those jobs in the normal manner and allows those jobs to have the performance of batch jobs.

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