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Customer Success : Pufas optimize their iSeries









CUSTOMER SUCCESS:  PUFAS optimize their iSeries 

MAX400 optimizes your IBM i / iSeries resources

Company Background

PUFAS Werk KG  (www.pufas.de)  in Hannoversch-Muenden, Germany, is a manufacturer of high-quality products in the field of painting and renovation. PUFAS Werk KG has been delivering more than 200 products like colors and glues for 75 years.


At the start of 2006, the decision was made to switch to a new system i model/AS400. As the company grew steadily, the existing model 9406-820 did not offer enough interactive processing power to meet their demanding processing needs.

This meant their  i-system/AS400 tended to slow down during 'peak' usage periods.

Upgrading to any new systems/hardware would not be possible until 2007 due to a lack of budget; a quick, temporary and easy solution was needed to keep up with the growing demand for interactive processing power.


The CIO Klaus Uphues decided to buy MAX400 which is distributed by Rechenzentrum Kreuznach in Germany. Using MAX400 the interactive processing power has been increased to the full processing power of the current machine (removing any artificial limitations).

"Our applications response time has been reduced dramatically and all users now were again able to work without delay." reports Klaus Uphues.

"By using MAX400 we were able to shift the project for a new machine for one year and could start this project with a lot of time and good planning and appropriate budget. The license price is only a fraction of other alternatives to increase the interactive processing power, Klaus Uphues feels confident. 

"MAX400 provided a simple installation process that gave us an instant, easy and inexpensive solution which allowed our users to get the best (without limitation) out of the i-System/AS400 Pufas had already bought".

If you would like more information, please contact sales@max400.net or your nearest authorized distributor.





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